Suzan Hughes


A successful entrepreneur and leading philanthropist, Suzan Hughes gained strength from the childhood challenges she faced as an orphan and foster child to building business empires and creating foundations that help people in need. 

At Herbalife, Hughes, along with her husband Mark, built the wildly successful brand into a global juggernaut in a little more than a decade. She then launched the Take 10 To A Better You brand, and created the iconic Rollermax brand, a foam roller that has changed the  fitness industry before going on to produce a number of films, including Fifteen Seconds Fame, which garnered her honors at Cannes

Taking nothing for granted, Hughes is thoughtful about her journey. “It’s been important for me to adopt the right mindset to overcoming self-imposed  limits,” she says. “I’ve learned to be fearless, because when you walk in greatness, opposition and fear show up to bully and control you, which can lead you away from your destiny. Don’t let it.” That sense of fortitude and determination allowed Hughes to turn her energies into a force for good when she co-founded the Herbalife family Foundation in 1994. Over the last 25 years, this outstanding charity has  helped millions of vulnerable children in over 60 countries. 

In 2019 Hughes took that commitment to the next level when she launched  the Suzan Hughes Education Foundation (S.H.E.) that advocates for children in need and educates parents to provide strong guidance through gourmet parenting. 

“The Herbalife Family Foundation and the Suzan Hughes Education Foundation are my way of expressing gratitude and creating a brighter vision for  tomorrow.”  -Suzan Hughes

This year Hughes is taking her endeavors full cycle as she relaunches Take 10 To A Better You with all proceeds going to support S.H.E. 

“I developed the “Take 10” philosophy to help people create a better  work/life balance,” Hughes says. “Now that philosophy will help create a  better world.”